CentraLab project for a Smart Lighting System in Campodenno

In the framework of Centralab, a European project managed by Informatica Trentina, the work for the creation of a system for the management of public lighting started in August within the Municipality of Campodenno, in the Non Valley.

As a matter of fact, public lighting is one of the main items of expenditure and a significant source of energy consumption. In the Municipality of Campodenno – a small town of about 1,000 inhabitants in the region of Trentino - Centralab will develop a remote monitoring project of the public lighting system by adopting pervading and intelligent systems through a Smart City perspective. Algorab has conceived a little and innovative system that transforms every light source into an intelligent street light and that is conceived as a wireless network node. It will be installed on 129 light sources of the Municipality.