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Pilot Concept and Approach

Our pilot project aims to find, ground and establish a system where ecological, economical and public administration requirements can be harmonized. Collection and processing of waste is not only an environmental question but should also be beneficial from a business point of view. Local governments have to provide an incentive regulatory environment, business entities have to develop advanced technological solutions and households have to be conscious enough to cooperate in waste collection. Of course, we already know that the "solution" in waste management is simple – create the least possible quantity of waste. But implementing this solution is already a tricky business. We also try not to concentrate only on physical matter. We know that our society wastes also a lot of energy too so if we talk about waste management, we should take into consideration renewable energy sources such as waste heat.

Briefly our goals and ideas:
• To set up a knowledge base regarding the waste management basics.
• To create and manage a special collaboration environment that is comfortable for all kinds of stakeholders.
• To integrate the main waste management ideas (prevention – disposal – recovery) and establish standards according to them.
• To provide training facilities to end users on waste management and the corresponding life cycle approach.
• To provide training facilities to companies on possible ways of protection of the environment with respect to business interests.
• To promote and share research results and technical developments which relate to sustainable use of natural resources and help to minimize the amount of waste by the use of economical materials and renewable energy sources.
• To take into consideration the national and international directives and possibly give a helping hand to decision makers in creating new policies and regulations.

Organisation of the Pilot Action

As a first step we take contact with experts of this field and we try to involve them into a discussion. This opportunity should attract stakeholders from a lot of different fields such as product designers, innovation and R&D companies, policy makers, communication experts, architects and HVAC designers etc. With this lively group of enthusiasts we discover barriers and possibilities of different subfields of waste management and, using co-creative methods, we will go on for real-life, marketable solutions.

Implementation of the Pilot

Our main objective is to create and maintain a livinglab focusing on the waste management domain. The living lab is facilitated by an ICT tool, an online portal for co-creation in ecodesign and waste management to raise awareness, collect and spread knowledge concerning current questions of waste management. The tool provides an online space for other, similar initiative, e.g. turning previous waste management projects into “online exhibitions” after they are finished. The provided service supports policy making, creative and collaborative problem solving and provides a common platform for experts and users.

The creative co-creation process is supported by a complex ICT tool, where on the front-end the well-known and widely used internet based forum gives ample opportunity to articulate different starting proposals (posts) and opinions (comments). On the back-end a semantic application supports the process of the discussion. The ontology learning facility interprets and re-interprets the actual status of the discussion and matches the relevant concepts to the underlying ontology or gives an indication to enrich the ontology. The knowledge base is driven by the ontology and the content is fed back to the discussion forum. Hence he back-end participates in the policy making as additional partner ("knowledge stakeholder").

We have launched several initiatives related to urgent and relevant issues of Waste Management. Several stakeholders (companies, policy makers, and experts) are involved in the Living Lab. The ICT platform supports effectively data-driven and agile policy making.



For further information go to: http://www.ecolabor.hu/

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