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Pilot Concept and Approach

The pilot of FHV is in the field of sustainable and electric mobility. FHV will conduct its pilot in cooperation with the electric car trial VLOTTE in Vorarlberg, Austria. VLOTTE is owned and run by the Vorarlberg electricity service provider illwerke vkw. At its initiation VLOTTE was the largest electric car trial in Europe with approx. 150 cars and actually more than 360 VLOTTE cars are on the road in Vorarlberg. VLOTTE offers e-car leasing and buying processing for private and public customers.

The main objectives of FHV and its mobility pilot are vizualised below:

Stage of development of mobility pilot

At the moment the mobility pilot is carrying out two main tasks: on the one hand surveys are made and on the other hand the social media activities are expanded. In between, a lot of information about end-user needs and concerns towards electric mobility has been collected and evaluated. The analysis of collected information is in the beginning at the moment.    

Recent developments

Actually, the social media activities “e-mobility in Vorarlberg” is set up together with illwerke vkw FHV on a Facebook platform to communicate with end-users about sustainable mobility in Vorarlberg. Of course, electric cars are in focus, but being on the move by bike, e-bike, bus, train or by feed will be discussed, too. Generally, users can discuss about events, compare similar projects, debate on the  infrastructure for e-cars, talk about new innovative car models, think over Smart Cities, talk about funding, evaluate on VLOTTE, report experiences, show new trends, focus on carsharing and discuss about safety, charging times, life cycle assessment etc.


Vorarlberg and its citizens have generally a high awareness of sustainable topics in comparison in Europe. A high economic status and a high living standard allow the citizens to live the future of living and mobility. 

People are aware of the conflict of individual and comfortable mobility on the one side and a cautious usage and dealing with resources on the other side. Thus, an awareness-rising has already taken place in Vorarlberg. 

Generally, aspects that are experienced as negative by end-users are the cost price of electric cars, the maximum ranges and charging times. According to end-users the infrastructure for charging electric cars has improved in the area, but could be expanded of course and is seen as insufficient across the Austrian boarders. Moreover, the concerns with regards to safety grow. Nevertheless, end-users experience electric cars as pleasant silent, unmatched sustainable (if the energy supply is non-fossil), enjoyable to drive and see the overheads as low. 

Plans for next 3 months

In the next three months the evaluation of the end-user communication results will have a high priority. Additionally, together with the local stakeholders the proceedings in the field of sustainable mobility and electric cars will be pushed, mainly on the Facebook platform. Furthermore, the transnational exchange of sustainable mobility and electric car concepts with our partners will be in focus. 

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