Micro-SME networks

Partner Name -  Abbreviation
Kielce Technology Park - KTP


Pilot Concept and Approach

Kielce Technology Park develops the pilot project for micro SME network. 

From the beginning the ‘micro SME network’ was considered as all tenants of KTP infrastructure (Technology Incubator as well as Technology Centre) and external companies using the KTPs services. Network consists from over 70 businesses.

Most of KPT companies represent the ‘creative branch – connected with industrial design and ICT’, some of them are provide the ‘efficient energy solutions’.

The final shape of ICT platform consist of 3 zones which will be finally implemented until October 2013. 

1 zone – for people who want to set up their own company

  • here an electronic application form, which allows for creating professional Business Plan together with calculation of required parameters, is going to be developed. The user will be able to print the created  Business Plan and also save it to PDF format
  • Electronic calculator which helps to count a rent space, additional fees, including preferential hire rates. The calculator makes it possible to charge the rental price of surface in a quick way. The calculator takes in account the two possible options of renting surface (with and without preference). People with business ideas, considering to set up their company in KTP can easily find out how much they will pay for the office.

2 zone – for internal companies located in KTP/tenants 

  • Here the intranet will be prepared. The purpose of creating a  login area with particular usabilities  is an integration of KTP environment and streamlining the communication between all the groups that are the part of this environment e.g. KTP tenants and employees. 
    The usabilities dedicated for the tenants require signing in. Managing of the system should be done by the administrator, from the CMS level on which the KTP website is based.
  • Also professional, electronic database of all companies is going to be prepared. The employees of KTP have access to the database. This database was implemented as part of the pilot project. New features were added to the management system CMS PRODUCER, which supports the KPT website. This features were developed to improve the efficiency of the service. Now the improved system allows to manage the profiles of the tenants and to search tenants according to certain criteria. Moreover an "account management area" was added. Each tenant was assigned an employee of the technology park. This allows a better communication between tenants and KPT employees. 

3 zone – for external companies cooperating with KTP

  • KTP has 2 infokiosks . On these infotools  the entire page of KTP will be available, projections of Incubator buildings, Technology Center, investment areas, including the display of companies that are located in each room. External companies can see the KTP offer and offer of KTP tenants.
  • The mobile version of the KPT website was started (m.technopark.kielce.pl). It consists the most important information. The management is done via the system CMS. Together with the existing possibility to access the website by computer and laptop, due to the new technology you can also access by smartphone or  tablet.  It does not matter where you are at the moment the KPT's offer is available always and everywhere in an easy and fast way. The main advantages of the mobile site are: absence of needless graphics, a simplified style and typography, easy navigation of the site, access to the most important information. 
  • The KTP website for people with visual impairment. Switching on this version is not difficult. You just have to click on the icon, which is located at the top-right corner of the website (www.technopark.kielce.pl).
  • Conference rooms booking system (you can book online by both the tenant zone and external companies zone); module will include a presentation of the various rooms, availability calendar, date start/stop, the number of people. A public calendar shows the interested people, if the required conference room is free. This function speeds up and automatizes the procedure of hiring. 
  • The application ‘partner search’ tool (network),  was created to facilitate the search for potential business partners and the registration for an events organized by KPT was reprocessed. The application enables companies to create a profile of their enterprise. The profile includes a short description of the company and its activity. In addition there is the possibility of adding a logo or a picture. The option of searching the registered firms and sending them invitations makes it possible to create a personal business calendar.
You can contact CentraLab Micro-SME network pilot responsible persons:

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