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Pilot Concept and Approach

Pilot Environment and Education is focused on a providing of educational material to the environmental sector. The main target of this pilot is to develop the catalogue of existing education products oriented to environment and its protection. The catalogue will be based on current metadata standards and geoinformation technologies (e.g. geoportals). The catalogue should integrate the existing solutions as well as the materials developed in the CentraLab project (the secondary target of pilot). It should represent the clear and intelligible framework to the environmental information (including maps and spatial data).

Spatial information is now important aspects for most decision related to environment. It plays important role in environment protection and management, biotops protection, environmental risk management and others. For support of building of Spatial Data Infrastructure there exist currently European directive INSPIRE, but there also exist such initiatives and GMES, GEOSS and SEIS (Shared Environmental Information System). The problem of all these initiatives is that they are politically driven and that approach, which is used for they implementation is fully top down. DG Infso in 2008, introduced concept of Single Information Space for Environment (SISE), which could be base for participation of different initiatives on SDI building and also give new possibilities for all stakeholders share and exchenge information important for environment protection. CCSS already in past started with initiatives focused on awareness about usage of spatial data for environment protection and participation of different types of stakeholders on building of SISE. First was project NaturNet Redime and its follow up NaturNet plus. This project designed technologies for building social networks for sharing of environmental information and education about environment protection. In last year CCSS introduced concept of Geoportal4everybody, which has as goal to build voluntary based SDI.

The technological objective of this project is extend current services about new functionalities, so to publish additional free components for such SDI building. There will be used formal positive experience from c@r project and living lab model for developing of SDI. This model will open possibilities for participation of research companies, public servant, NGO and citizens on such platforms.
Education will be focused on usage social networks for awareness about environment protection, but also to learn public servant, NGO, and also companies how to build SISE.

This brings new possibilities for regional development. Such type of initiatives open new possibilities for local companies to participate on global development, but project will also help to regional development and environmental protection.CentraLab Pilot: Environment & Education

Organisation of the Pilot Action

The pilot applies the Living Lab methodology and approach to get more efficient results in the education field. The cooperation with partners (in CentraLab project as well as in other projects) and our stakeholders (schools, state administrative, spatial planners, GIT experts, public) make possible (in conjunction with re-using of existing products and technologies) to create open and stable educational platform based on particular users' requirements.

For further information go to:  http://centralab.ccss.cz/

Homepage of smart catalogue of educational materials

Web page of particular material – basic matadata (left side) and similarity comparison and recommendation of similar materials

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