Energy efficiency

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E-zavod, Institute for Comprehensive Development Solutions - EZVD

Pilot Concept and Approach

The Energy (Energy efficiency) pilot is hosted by the E-Institute, Institute for Comprehensive Development Solutions, within its Living Lab environment, pursuing innovation and development in energy sector. Pilot area represents north-eastern Slovenian area. Two CentraLab project partners are also participating in the transnational pilot development which are Informatica Trentina SpA (Italy) and University of Vorarlberg (Austria).


Current situation in energy efficiency of the region, according to the conducted analyses, is lying well behind existing potentials. Based on the objectives of national guidelines and European strategies, the situation can be improved upon and goals reasonably achieved. Since the region is also characterized with a to high energy consumption, there exists an urging need to systematize the actions to resolve the problem. In this way we may attain the goals of reducing greenhouse gases emissions and in the process contribute to the protection of environment.

(Supportive assessment tool of investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy for individual and small business facilities)

E-zavod, together with involved stakeholder's (representing R&D&I, educational, entrepreneurial and public sector) successfully developed a useful pilot project - Sustainable Energy Investment Decision Aid tool for house and small business owners, under acronym “EnergyHouseAID”.  

EnergyHouseAID has been developed as an Interpretation application for web, following cost minimization approach together with LL approach generating product for satisfaction of end-users needs and is a decision support tool used by the public to effectively evaluate potential investments in green energy technologies. The tool is very simple to operate and end-user friendly, which means that any user is able to understand the inputs and outputs with minimal technical knowledge.

After using decision aid tool (with its calculation operations running in background) users are able to view the impact on overall economic value of various changes they might choose to make their buildings/homes more energy efficient - selecting various combinations of EE&RE sources/technologies and in correlation observing the financial (and environmental) impacts of their choice. Summary of calculation results can be exported to PDF file and automatically sent to user's email address.

Beside fully working local (Slovenian) language tool in the 1st pilot phase also fully working transnational (English) language version was developed and is available (2nd pilot phase). 

3rd pilot phase represents transnational cooperation that has been recognised and established between two other countries / partners from Austria (FHV) and Italy (INTN). 

Added impacts represent common pilot transnational development and tool transfer to both others above mentioned countries till end of the year 2013 - strengthening the energy efficiency pilot with the additional fully working transnational (German and Italian) language versions.


Preview of the EnergyHouseAID tool:


EnergyHouseAID - Sustainable Energy Investment Decision Aid tool for house and small business owners represents

  • on one side developed new e-Learning system / investment decision aid tool solution that is very useful and especially user-friendly,
  • on other side investment decision web interpretation tool represents s.c. green technology solution, as is it basing on the field of EE & RES and involves green technology solutions, that are helping users/house owners to make easier decisions by energy and finances savings of their houses.
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Darko Ferčej
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