Climate change

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Informatica Trentina - INTN

Pilot Concept and Approach

Informatica Trentina is developing a pilot project about climate change, with particular regards to energy conservation in the public domain. As a matter of fact, public lighting is one of the main items of expenditure and a significant source of energy consumption for Municipalities in Italy. In the Municipality of Campodenno – a small town of about 1.000 inhabitants in the Trentino region – Centralab will develop a remote monitoring project of the public lighting system by adopting pervading and intelligent systems in a Smart City perspective. Together with our technical partner, Algorab, we conceived a little and innovative system that transforms every light source into an “intelligent street light” and that is conceived as a wireless network node. It will be installed on 129 light sources of the Municipality. By radio, every intelligent streetlight searches for the nearest other intelligent streetlight and connects to it. In turn, this second streetlight searches for a third streetlight in the vicinity to establish a new radio connection. As a chain reaction, this process is repeated for each intelligent streetlight, until they all form a big radio network that covers the whole city widespread. Thanks to this very low power network, a city control centre will be able to run remotely every single streetlight and to regulate at its best every streetlight’s luminous intensity in order to save as much energy as possible and to know immediately if the streetlight is out of order. The intelligent streetlight is also able to hear: dozens of sensors are spread over the surrounding area and they constantly tell the streetlight what is happening around it: if there is an available place where to park the car, if it’s time to irrigate the flower-bed, if the bus is coming or if a trash container needs to be emptied. In the particular case of the Municipality of Campodenno and thanks to the independent and open remote control net, the pilot experimentation will be able to transmit information pertaining both environmental monitoring and the video surveillance of some areas. All information regarding energy and environmental monitoring will be made available to all citizens with the help of a web-app by the end of 2013.

You can contact CentraLab Climate change pilot responsible persons:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.