University of Maribor

University of Maribor (UNMB) - Slovenia

The University of Maribor represents one of the main institutions that provide outstanding conditions for regional development in Slovenia and is also very active in various kinds of international cooperation e.g. the Association of European Universities and ALADIN – the "ALpe ADria INitiative". The Faculty of Organizational Sciences has a more than 50 year old tradition in education and today provides Bologna programs of Information Systems, Human Resource and Educational Systems, Business and Work Systems. Research at the Faculty is organised in many laboratories and in the eCenter. The eCenter is involved in research projects, prototyping, consulting, education and training at national and international level. Its activities have been organized and are run following the LivingLab methodology, with a strong involvement of business and government organizations, users, IT providers and universities. The resulting eLivingLab is the Slovenian founding member of ENOLL.