Technical University of Kosice

Technical University of Kosice (TUKE) - Slovakia

University has nine faculties, around 16 000 full-time undergraduate students. Almost 900 teachers work here, and the same number of research and administrative staff. Technical University of Kosice is the driver of ICT innovation and development in the Slovakia region. The main faculties related to the business, innovation and networked economy are the Faculty of Economics, Engineering and Informatics and BERG. Their research projects (5,6,7RP) focus on business networking, socio-economic analysis of ICT impact, e-business, trust building in the business networks, knowledge management, web technologies, logistics, eGovernment, regional development, etc. University staff has extensive experience in participation and management of international projects in this fields. Among the EU R&D projects we recall WEBOCRACY (Web supports to eDemocracy), PRISMA (Innovative models and assessments for eBusiness), BEEP (Best eEurope Practices), KNOWWEB (Web support of company knowledge management).