Piedmont Region

Piedmont Region (PDMT) - Italy


Regione Piemonte is a local authority; the Directorate Innovation, Research and University is one of its 17 Units. The region, located in North-Western Italy, has more than 4 million inhabitants and its GDP reached  124 million in 2009. It hosts research, education facilities and competency centres of international standing: 4 universities, more than 220 public and private research centres, 380 laboratories, 6 technology and science parks, 12 centres for innovation and incubators.  The territory has a strong financial and manufacturing structure and produces 8.1% of Italy's national wealth. Home to 468.000 companies (7,7% of the national quota) and internationally famous for being the cradle of the Italian car industry - Torino being the home town of Fiat – the region also hosts top-class enterprises active in: robotics, ICT, life sciences, energy and environment, aerospace, industrial design, logistics, pharmaceutics, healthcare and agrofood.