Informatica Trentina

Informatica Trentina SpA (INTN) - Italy

The Taslab initiative is coordinated by Informatica Trentina, which is full owned by the Autonomous Province of Trento. Informatica Trentina represents and coordinates the Trentino research centers in ICT, various user organizations, and many local enterprises. All the above organizations have signed endorsement letters in favour of Informatica Trentina. Many more are expected to join this initiative along with its progressive growth and consolidation. The  full  regional coverage of TasLab  is complemented by  the active  role  that  the  local administration and  Informatica Trentina have  in  the national innovation projects, and by the large number of European projects (many of which focusing on the involvement of the end user) of the research centers. Finally, the TasLab initiative has established contacts with many existing living labs (Slovenia, Ireland, ESA in Frascati, and also Prof. Inchingolo's LL in Trieste) and Trentino has also become a member of the Central Europe LL initiative.