CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-finances projects

Dear colleagues and partners,

We would like to bring to your attention our new thematic sections, which we recently launched on www.central2013.eu<http://www.central2013.eu>.

The CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-finances projects within six thematic areas: Innovation, Transport, Environment, Energy, Demographic Change and Cultural Heritage. Now you can find out more about what is happening within any of these themes in the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme. Apart from supported projects and thematic news, the new sections offer direct links to thematic outputs and results. Cooperation maps in addition show the most active regions in a given theme and indicate which regions work closely together. Last but not least, thematic infographics will soon provide you with a quick overview on key thematic data.

The short links to the thematic sections are:

Innovation -                  www.central2013.eu/innovation<http://www.central2013.eu/innovation>
Transport -                   www.central2013.eu/transport<http://www.central2013.eu/transport>
Environment -               www.central2013.eu/environment<http://www.central2013.eu/environment>
Energy -                       www.central2013.eu/energy<http://www.central2013.eu/energy>
Demographic Change -   www.central2013.eu/demographic-change<http://www.central2013.eu/demographic-change>
Cultural Heritage -        www.central2013.eu/cultural-heritage<http://www.central2013.eu/cultural-heritage>

We would much appreciate if you could share information about our new thematic sections through your communication channels. In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly per e-mail or phone.