Summer School: Open Innovation and User eXperience Design & Assessment

Summer School: Open Innovation and User eXperience Design & Assessment Milan, 10th - 14th September 2012 

The ELLIOT Summer School is built on the following different blocks:

  • Service design innovation: Integrating design methodologies within Living Labs’ environments, with the main objective to identify and share methodologies based on user-centred approaches used in Design for All and in Living Labs;
  • User experience design: designing and assessing the experience of the users as part of the design process and product development life cycle;
  • Shaping the UX context elements for completing the design and implementation scenario for User Experience. While a lot was achieved in designing and implementing the User Experience, there are still plenty of opportunities to develop further the methodological and contextual basis.

The workshop is targeting the following categories:

  • Students and researchers interested in understanding and furthering the design of User Experience;
  • Industry representatives, interested in applying UX design approach to optimise the development life-cycle of new products and services;
  • Relevant stakeholders, interested in understanding what is required at policy level to facilitate a full uptake of the UX design.

More details about ELLIOT Summer School at AMI Communities portal.