Livinglab approach

A Living Lab is an ecosystem for experimentation and co-creation with real users in real life environments, where the end users together with researchers, firms and public institutions jointly explore, design and validate new and innovative products, services, solutions and business models.



Living Labs, as a user-driven approach to the development of new ICT-supported products and services, are at the forefront of the trend towards a view of innovation that, in the words of the EU’s Competitiveness Council, “acknowledges the importance of encouraging all forms of innovation – technological as well as non-technological – in particular those that bring innovation closer to market needs and respond better to user needs.” Since the Living Lab model brings ICT R&D infrastructures into real-life contexts such as rural areas or residential neighbourhoods, the added value of the new ICT products and services becomes a function of the special qualities of the people and territories involved. In addition, the transversal, “demand-pull” CentraLab innovation strategy encourages greater policy coherence with broader regional development objectives and trans-national cooperation on common thematic issues.