• Climate change

    Sensor Access Network for Smart Towns and Energy Saving. Read More
  • Eco-tourism

    Platform for sustainable development of eco-tourism services. Read More
  • eHealth

    Innovative parking card for disabled people complying with European reccomendations. Read More
  • Energy efficiency

    Sustainable Energy Investment Decision Aid. Read More
  • Environment and education

    Catalogue of Educational Materials for GIT Domain and its Application in Environmental Sphere. Read More
  • Media and creativity

    Usability Box as a Living Lab for the Smarter City Karlsruhe initiative Read More
  • Micro-SME networks

    Design in SME context. Read More
  • Mobility

    A Mobile Usability Box. Read More
  • Rural development

    Smart NetAuction Environment. Read More
  • Waste management

    Ecodesign and Lifecycle Analysis for Waste Management. Read More
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  • Program: Central Europe - European Territorial Cooperation Objective
  • Duration: 1.5.2011 – 30.4.2014
  • Lead Partner: E-zavod (SI)
  • Project Consortium: 10 Project partners from 8 EU countries
  • Core Action: variety of 10 cross border pilot projects




Read more: CentraLab

Livinglab approach

A Living Lab is an ecosystem for experimentation and co-creation with real users in real life environments, where the end users together with researchers, firms and public institutions jointly explore, design and validate new and innovative products, services, solutions and business models.



Read more: Livinglab approach

NeSTI Evidence Hub

The Evidence Hub for Social and Territorial Innovation aims to provide an environment to systematically collect practical information from daily work on innovative actions and Smart Specialisation policy design and implementation. It focuses on what are the people, projects, organizations, challenges, solutions and claims that scaffold the emergent approaches to research and innovation policy making in Europe. Ultimately this website will build an evidence hub which represents and maps the collective knowledge around the topic.

NeSTI Evidence Hub is avaiable at: nesti.evidence-hub.net 

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